How a will contest or challenge works

3 Steps to see if You qualify to make a will contest/challenge, without obligation

  1. Initial Review

    We guide you on whether you should qualify to make a will contest/challenge, and what to do, right there on the phone, for free.

    If you do not know when a death has been recorded, whether a probate has been issued, whether a will exists, or what the will means, call us here at CWPL.

    We can often help find out for you, and our help is free if you decide not to proceed with us.

  2. Initial Meeting

    We follow up with a face to face meeting with you at one of over 100 locations in the UK, without obligation to you.

    This meeting is free if you don’t proceed with your will contest/challenge through CWPL. If we cannot meet in person, we will hold this initial meeting by phone or Skype, at our cost.

  3. Full Case Assessment

    If you have a good case, we will confirm that you are eligible to claim, review your chances of success, and almost always offer you our No Win No Fee Plan. If we cannot help you, we will not charge you a penny.

If we cannot help you, we will not charge
you a penny.

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How is a will contest / challenge commenced?

When a person dies, their affairs go into the hands of the Executor appointed in the Will. If there is no will, the control goes to an Administrator.

All our negotiations occur with the Executor/Administrator or their lawyers on your behalf, and any legal proceedings are taken against them too.

How does a will contest or challenge work?

If you have been left nothing at all in a will, or an insufficient amount, in this web site we call that a claim by you for an “Inheritance” or an “Increased Inheritance”.

We commence an application in the court for a share of the deceased’s estate.

The “estate” comprises those assets that were owned by the deceased person when they died, and which still remain after all debts are paid.

Sometimes a will contest/challenge can be made against assets which were disposed of by the deceased person at, or before, their death. Ask CWPL!

Main steps in contesting / challenging a will and intestacy

Making a will contest/challenge is easy and there are 7 main steps in the whole process. Each one flows on from the other. Most cases settle without going to court, so often the number of steps is less than we have listed.

We try our best to settle each and every will contest/challenge without commencing a court proceeding

Makea claim

Our “Negotiate and Mediate” strategy

We try our best to settle each and every will contest/challenge on terms that are acceptable to our customers, without commencing court proceedings. However, we often need to commence proceedings by making an application in court, in order to get the Estate/Defendant to take the claim seriously.

Thankfully for all concerned, most claims end up settling at an informal meeting of the parties and their lawyers, called a “Mediation”, without anyone stepping into a courtroom.

You can have our assurance that we will not issue an application unless it is clear that the Estate/Defendant will not make you a satisfactory offer without it.

If we must go to court, with CWPL you will have an excellent team of legal specialists, here to do the very best for you.

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