Important Information about a Will Contest / Challenge

Penalty Clauses In Wills

Some wills contain clauses that try penalise you if you commence a will contest/challenge. Usually the courts will not allow these clauses to strip you of your inheritance rights. Sometimes we can find that the clause actually helps your case, rather than hinders it. Ask CWPL what we think.

Time Limits: ask CWPL

SIf you do not commence your claim within 6 months of the date of the Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration, you may lose your rights entirely. In certain circumstances, we can make a late application for you. Ask CWPL.

With CWPL your will contest / challenge is dealt with swiftly

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Claiming Assets That Have Been Given Away

These days, many people die with only a small Estate, as they hold much of their wealth in trusts, companies, jointly owned property and certain retirement funds. Even if you have strong inheritance rights, there can be little point in proceeding if the Estate has few assets.

Tell us if this is the case, or if the deceased gave away assets before they died, as we may be able to ask the court to treat those assets as if they were still owned by the deceased person when they died.

This strategy may mean that a will contest/challenge can be worthwhile, after all.

Our Principal, Terry Johansson, was recently successful in claiming a pay-out worth over £600,000 from a court, where the deceased person disposed of most of their assets before their death, dying with virtually no assets in their own name.

Our lawyers have also seen cases where their customers were told by other lawyers that they had “no case”, and they were able to secure a payout worth more than £600,000 from a private retirement fund.

Ask us for our opinion: do not take “no” for an answer without also asking us, here at CWPL.

Our initial Review is free if you do not wish to proceed.

We can commence your claim and run it for you, without you outlaying any money.

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CWPL will help to maximise the value of your will contest or will challenge

We carefully monitor the assets of the estate to maximise the pool of assets available to meet your claim: the larger the estate, the more valuable your inheritance rights are to you.

We will ensure that:

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