More Important Information about a Will Challenge / Contest

Assessing your claim

We will carefully assess the strength of your claim twice, without risk to you. After an Initial Review, we will meet and then conduct a Formal Assessment of your case before we proceed further.

Once we offer you our No Win No Fee Plan, you know that we will only charge you for our work if and when we can recover sufficient Settlement Monies from the Estate. Until then you know that we will not charge you if we cannot help you.

Our Formal Assessment minimises the chance of us commencing a will contest/challenge and then finding that your claim is not strong enough.

Our No Win No Fee Plan can help you to claim

Many people drop their will contest/challenge as they cannot afford to pay their lawyers’ fees in advance, especially when they do not know whether they will “win” or “lose”.

Do not be concerned: CWPL is NOT a traditional law firm. Under our No Win No Fee Plan:

How much is commonly awarded by the court in a will contest/challenge?

Each case is different, and many factors (goes to stuff behind this tab see sub tab 1-2) determine how much the court may Order the Estate/Defendant to pay.

For further information, you can refer to our database of court outcomes from recent will contests/challenges in England and Wales.

Please note, this database is an anecdotal guide only and does not constitute legal advice. For a professional assessment of your potential entitlement from your will contest/challenge, contact CWPL.

We can commence your claim and run it for you, without you outlaying any money.

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How does CWPL calculate the fees it will charge for its work?

Under our No Win No Fee Plan, we can charge you only when there is finalisation of your will contest/challenge. We would then value the Settlement Monies that you are to receive from the Estate/Defendant. We will then only issue an invoice when we are sure that our fees can be covered by value of the Settlement Monies. That way you get full litigation funding.

Click here for an example of how we calculate our accounts.

Although we cannot comment on your own situation in this site, we can say that in the majority of cases conducted by us for our customers, our customers have ended up with far more in their pockets at the end of the case, than we charged them for our legal fees. For most customers, our No Win No Fee Plan really works as a way of funding their litigation, with no risk on their legal fees.

How much Can I be Paid From the Estate?

The amount that a court may Award you depends upon factors such as:

In addition, the court will usually Order the Estate/Defendant to reimburse the successful claimant for a percentage of the legal fees and Uplift Fees that the complainant must pay to his/her solicitor. In this site we call these monies the “Settlement Monies“, or “Award” that the court ordered must be paid to the claimant.

CWPL’s lawyers are well experienced in will contest/challenges: ask us for an opinion. Our Initial Review is free if you do not proceed with us.

Our Initial Review is free if you do not proceed with us.

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Services for Offshore Clients In Europe, North America, Dubai, India, Asia/Pacific

We can act for you wherever you live, and we tailor our services for the overseas client.

Many people who live offshore are happy to deal with us by phone, email, fax, Skype or video link. That way we can start your English will contest/challenge without having to meet you in person, and without you having to travel. Periodically our lawyers travel to the major offshore locations and we can often meet you nearer to your home, saving you from having to travel to England just to start your contest/challenge a will.

In Australia, you can meet us by appointment in one of 5 capital cities.

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