Wills and Inheritance HQ Australia Website Launch

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CWPL have recently launched a new site for information regarding Wills and Inheritance issues in Australia. The laws around Wills and Inheritance don’t only differ from country to country but can also vary by region as well. In Australia the laws for intestacy, for example vary state by state and it can be difficult to find good advice about it online. It gets even more complicated when the parties involved live in different countries to each other. Having identified this issue we have put together what we believe to be the most complete learning resource for contesting wills, probates and intestacy in Australia. We will continue to add more information over time as well as news relating to inheritance law in Australia. We also plan to make a similar resource for UK Inheritance law in the future. Visit Wills and Inheritance HQ today!


CWPL are the offshore will contest specialists.

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CWPL is probably the only estate litigation law firm in England that has designed its services to look after its offshore customers.

Do you live Out of the UK? Our Services for Overseas Residents

CWPL is part of the international Inheritance Rights group of international lawyers and consultants, who are totally focussed on making will contests/challenges for their customers, and work hard to get the best results.

There are many people who need to contest/challenge a will in England who happen to live overseas, and CWPL is here to help them.

offshore will contests and challenges in the uk

Why You Must Commence your will contest/challenge in England and Wales

 English law applies if the deceased lived in England and Wales or had substantial assets here, and so any court action must be taken in England and Wales.

If the deceased person were domiciled in some other country or has substantial assets outside of England and Wales, legal action may need to be taken there, as well as, or instead of, in England and Wales.

We have excellent contacts all over the world, and can use our contacts with expert lawyers in other countries to manage your will contest/challenge for you.

Problems for Offshore Clients

 Our Principal, Terry Johansson, was an expatriate for years and knows some of the problems you face. You may be worried by:

  • The hassle of having to find a lawyer in England who is an expert in Will contests/challenges
  • having to meet your lawyer in England to ensure that they have all the details needed to contest/challenge a will
  • Having to fit in with the UK time zone.


See if you qualify to contest a will, without obligation

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In 3 simple steps we can inform you if you qualify to make a will contest/challenge without obligation:

  1. Initial Review

    We guide you on whether you should qualify to make a will contest/challenge, and what to do, right there on the phone, for free.

    If you do not know when a death has been recorded, whether a probate has been issued, whether a will exists, or what the will means, call us here at CWPL.

    We can often help find out for you, and our help is free if you decide not to proceed with us.

  2. Initial Meeting

    We follow up with a face to face meeting with you at one of over 100 locations in the UK, without obligation to you.

    This meeting is free if you don’t proceed with your will contest/challenge through CWPL. If we cannot meet in person, we will hold this initial meeting by phone or Skype, at our cost.

  3. Full Case Assessment

    If you have a good case, we will confirm that you are eligible to claim, review your chances of success, and almost always offer you our No Win No Fee Plan. If we cannot help you, we will not charge you a penny.

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