Terry Johansson Profile

Terry Johansson is a highly experienced Wills and Estates lawyer, now working virtually exclusively in Will contests/challenges and Estate litigation. He heads up CWPL in London.

Terry Johansson is registered to practice as a lawyer in England and Wales and in all Australian mainland States. He has also worked as an international lawyer in Dubai.

He has been a member of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP) for years. He was instrumental in establishing STEP in Australia and in Dubai. STEP is an international professional estate-planning organisation of lawyers and accountants who work in the Wills, estates and tax areas, all over the world, with over 14,500 members in over 66 countries. STEP provides CWPL with the important links, contacts, and resources required for estate litigation in different countries. For information on STEP, click here.

Terry Johansson is the only Australian lawyer to have sat on the STEP’s Board in London.


In Australia, Terry Johansson is accredited by both the Law Institute of Victoria and the Law Society of New South Wales as a Wills and Estates Specialist. He is the only person with both of these special qualifications.

Terry Johansson has been granted both a Law Degree and a Commerce Degree from the University of Melbourne, and he had attended many professional education courses and obtained qualifications in tax, accounting, financial planning, litigation and mediation.

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